Tagged: dramatic

Spooky Doll

A creepy, unsettling score, great for accompanying scary scenes such as a haunted house or evil witch.

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Action Hero

Powerful cinematic orchestral music, evoking feelings of action and heroism.

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Responsibility Version 2

This is an alternative version of the song featuring richer/fuller string and brass samples, as requested by a certain client.

Responsibility is an ideal we all aspire to, whether it be corporate responsibility, environmental responsibility or responsibility to ourselves and loved ones. This track, with its regal sound but with more gentle undertones, may help convey you or your organization’s commitment to being responsible.

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Melodramatic Ambience

A rich and poignant ambient piece featuring epic rich pads and orchestral sounds. This track varies from soft and soothing to loud and epic.

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City of Robots

The sound of a city, populated by robots, going about its daily business with confident efficiency.

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