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Spooky Doll

A creepy, unsettling score, great for accompanying scary scenes such as a haunted house or evil witch.

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Artful Ambient Timelapse

A modern and stylish electronic track, with deep bass, melodic harmonies, cinematic sounds and experimental arrangement. Perfect for atmospheric, creative or thought provoking media productions.

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Action Hero

Powerful cinematic orchestral music, evoking feelings of action and heroism.

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Dark Symphonic Background

A melancholic, powerful and emotional piece to accompany any thought provoking production.

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An epic and heroic sounding orchestral fantasy piece, greatly suited as an adventurous theme for any media project.

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Cinematic Dream

A reflective and sometimes powerful piano-driven orchestral piece.

Update: Handpicked to feature on Tunefruit’s “The Hotness” blog, who say “I just love cinematic tracks that make me reflect on life. This introspective, dreamlike stock track really makes me consider maybe I am more than just a fruit! I can be anything!”

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