Tagged: bass

Future Hip Hop

Dark ambient hip hop/trap with deep bass and lush synths.

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Picture yourself relaxing on a tropical beach sipping on coconut water, surrounded by palm trees and Hula dancers. The music in your head that accompanies such a scene would likely be similar to this track.

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Responsibility Version 2

This is an alternative version of the song featuring richer/fuller string and brass samples, as requested by a certain client.

Responsibility is an ideal we all aspire to, whether it be corporate responsibility, environmental responsibility or responsibility to ourselves and loved ones. This track, with its regal sound but with more gentle undertones, may help convey you or your organization’s commitment to being responsible.

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Warm Uplifting Jingle

A warm and mellow jingle/theme, ideal for advertising and promotion.

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Cool Oriental

A hard-hitting hip-hop / dubstep-esque track with oriental influences.

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