About Small Ocean    Custom and stock music creation

Small Ocean is a stock music production library.

Please note, Small Ocean was discontinued in 2016, the music library is left here for preservation purposes only.

Modern Atmosphere

A modern ambient and atmospheric experimental electronica track, great for all kinds of multimedia productions.

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Happy Memories

Upbeat and rhythmic folk track, featuring syncopated stomps and finger clicks, perfect as background music for uplifting footage.

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Hearty and catchy uplifting track with acoustic syncopated percussion to give it a somewhat ‘world music’ vibe.

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Going Forward

Inspirational and uplifting track, great as background music for any media project or advertisement.

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Abstract Timelapse

An ambient, melodic and atmospheric experimental track, perfect for time-lapses or thought provoking media productions.

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Cinematic Dream

A reflective and sometimes powerful piano-driven orchestral piece.

Update: Handpicked to feature on Tunefruit’s “The Hotness” blog, who say “I just love cinematic tracks that make me reflect on life. This introspective, dreamlike stock track really makes me consider maybe I am more than just a fruit! I can be anything!”

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Pleasant Sunny Morning

A pleasant and cheerful sounding indie-pop instrumental.

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A reflective and uplifting piano driven track with a light orchestral background, perfect for motivational videos.

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